My Bike has no spark? what to do....

ok guys i been away from my bike for sooooo long (been at college) i come home one weekend just waiting to start and ride my bike around. goto start the thing and nothing happens. tried even towing it behind the car. took the tank off and seat and looked at the sparkplug and it looked fine. it was wet smelled like gas. i was like &%$#@!? i poped the sparkplug back into the wire and kicked it holding it against a frame bolt. no spark what so ever. i looked at the ignition coil? which had some rust on the two terminals where it bolts to the frame. so i cleaned that and put every thing back. still no spark. whats next fellas. i am disappointed all i wanted to do was ride a little bit today. every thing was working fine before i went to school. :)

New plug. Sounds like you gas fouled the old one. Also put some fresh fuel in. You should also take the time to check and clean the carb since it has been sitting for a while.

definitely new plug and drain the tank and get new gas.


what about the no spark problem? like i kicked it over and didn;t see one at all tried different plugs.

Are you sure you had it grounded well? If so start doing resistance test thru the electricle system.

Try disconnecting your kill switch first, that takes that out of the equation. Then check your wiring from the engine to the CDI box and coil. Corroded contacts? Was the bike stored outside, in a shed perhaps? Critters could have munched the wiring. Make sure you're using a new or known good plug when you check for spark too.

ok this is the scoop. i drained the float bowl sprayed some gum out through the carb. didn;t have time to take it off and clean it. seems to be getting gas the plug is definatly getting gas. still no spark. so i am going back to school tomorrow so i can't mess with it any more. any ideas? i was looking through the book through the electrical part and that just seems damn confusing. btw the bike was stored inside my garage with a sheet over it. all the wires looked fine no sign of mice or any other critters. the bike ran fine before i put it away. i even put stabil in the gas. i drained the tank and added bew gas. the spark part seems to be the problem. i didn;t get time to disconnect the kill switch

Your stator might be bad.

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