differences with RMK pro 800 13-17?

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I ride a '13 800 163 with 3,800 miles on it. The biggest difference with the 2016+ sleds are how they're more nimble. They are easier to move around in the hills and have a bit more power. I do get out-pulled in deep snow. The throttle is easier to push as well. They're also $6K-10K more. A grenaded engine can be $5,500 to replace, so warranties are nice. 

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On 1/5/2018 at 9:12 AM, TomTopDog12 said:

What are some changes Polaris made to their 800pro rmk 151' from 13 to 17? Thinking of picking one up this spring. 


Don't want anything 12 and below....

13-15 is Pro Ride, 16 and newer is Axys in the RMK line up

In 13 they increased the cylinder skirt thickness and added the Belt quick drive instead of chain drive on the Pro.  Reliability wise, 14-15 have proven to have better motors in the long run.  Generally anything over 3500 miles on a Liberty 800 likely is getting tired when used in the mountains.

14-15 had updated glued A-arms, 

I would look for a 14-15 model year based on reliability, not that a '13 isn't good.  in 15 the drive shafts had questionable tolerances and the bottom quick drive pulleys were popping the bolts, I would upgrade the bottom quick drive bolt on any quick drive to an allen head grade 8 bolt. 



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