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Originally posted by thumper4life:

hahahaha! no ruts in the jumps?! why dont you come up here to michigan and ride a nice soft track? :) i LOVE being able to rail that nice soft dirt burm! the only problem is makin sure you hit a rut on the jump. its quite hard for me :D

Are you serious? Maybe I just haven't noticed them. Are yall talkin about the little ruts at the very top of the jumps? I might have mis understood. I thought yall were talkin about ruts all the way up the face of the jump (from top to bottom) but if you meant just the top of the jump getting rutted up... bikes make those ruts much worse than quads. I'm not trying to say that one is better than the other, but like I said in a previous post, the bikes make ruts worse due to the narrow singe rear tire that will "dig in" much worse than our 2 wide tires. But yes, we do tend to mess up the bike ruts in the corners.

I don't mind quads. There aren't usually enough on race day to be a problem, but the bikes end up practicing with them, so you gotta be aware of them. I would rather have them practice first so they could find the mudholes for us!

Yeah, we shouldn't practice at the same time. We have to be some damn good riders to out run you bike riders since we are heavier which means we have to hit the jumps harder and we just don't have that bike acceleration. Unfortunately I'm not good enough to out run some bike riders and when here is a open practice, I know it's frustrating to get stuck behind someone and if I see someone (whether they ride a bike or quad) that is hauling ass and I wouldn't have a chance in hell of keeping up with, I'll role off the track and let them go. I appreciate not getting landed on and they appreciate me not trying to be someone I'm not (yet :):D ). I guess I tend to make friends that way, talkin to everyone, helping them out if they need it, and staying the hell outta the fast guys ways. Unfortunately, not all are like that, and it really makes people get mad at the quad riders since we are so wide and much harder to pass. I think that people need to take a MX class before they are allowed to race.

I dont mind QUADS

Its KTM'rs and Cannodales that erch me :)

All the do is crash and put holes in the track :D

They shouldn't be allowed on the MX track when other 2 wheelers are riding. I've had some close calls with yahoos on quad jumping out of control. One almost landed on me. Now, you can't tell me that a quad landing on you isn't going to really hurt.

Quads belong on quad trails and at the dunes.

But, they do a lot of good too. Just a few weeks ago I saw a quad organization cleaning up a popular trail. There were hundreds of them.

Really, it is the sand rails that I fear. They fly down washes with no concern about what is around the corner. Try dodging one of those....


What i mean is i dont mind the smart riders that know what they are doing. I dont mean good riders but safe ones.

I ride sand very similar to what you find at Southwick. The jumps arent very wide so the quads make them very dangerous. The bikes dont do a thing to the ramps or landings. The quads dig up the landings too which destroys the confidence of novices going for them. These ruts are dug just about up to the hubs on the quads so they are deep.

Originally posted by armourbl:

Quads belong on quad trails and at the dunes.

Ben, I have followed enough of your postings to know that you are a decent guy and I do agree with your sentiments. There are way to many idiots that don't know what they should be doing or where they should be doing it. And something should be done about it. I've never ridden MX and only have observed as a spectator or on the track as a flagger. The idea of quads and bikes on the track at the same time bothers me, but then so does the idea of adult riders and kids riding at the same time. Really, this is probably more of an economic consideration then anything else. I'm sure quaders would love to have their own exclusive tracks, but track owners have to maximize the return on their investment. As quad MXing gains more participation (and it will), this may tend to resolve itself. Likewise with OHV. Hopefully, with enough funding and support OHV management can start to provide for better isolation of the different machines (i.e., designated single track only, quad only, jeep only, etc.) Right now, "multi-use" is the prevalent theme. As far as idiots go, I don't like sharing any kind of trail with them no matter what they ride or drive.

Having said that, I do feel strongly that we need to continue to break down the "stereo type" considerations and foster more of a cooperative climate. That cleanup you mentioned that was held a couple weeks ago was actually a cooperative effort by Arizona ATV Riders (quad club), (a bike and quad forum), Arizona Trail Riders (enduro/singletrack club) and several local jeep clubs. We had a pretty good turnout and the support from each of the clubs was fantastic. We could have done better though considering how many people ride out there (Bartlett/Camp Creek).

We all have sort of a natural tendency to feel like the other guy should be somewhere else. But, we are all in the same boat and need to help each other have places to ride and educate our respective "idiots".


Brenda and I were out riding that day. I made sure to say thank you to all the people we passed slowly. It was really nice to see someone cleaning up the area.

Funny thing was, the last time I went to the water fall it was really clean, but the weekend that you guys were cleaning up the water fall had trash. Stup idiots need to stop trashing our trails.

We tried to go the wrong way up Jungle Wash and man was that a mistake. Had to turn around cause it was too demanding on the power WR. One rider dented his frame through his skid plate and I later discovered that I dug a nice scratch in the lower part of my rear shock. I'm determined to conquer that trail.


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