'06 Eiger 400 no spark

I'm so frustrated with this thing.  It's an '06 Eiger 400 auto that had a small fire from grass accumulating by the exhaust which burnt the harness.  I put a new main harness and all sub harnessess, key switch and handlebar switch cluster.  Still no fire.  Checked voltage coming from pulse generator and source and it's in spec.  Battery is fully charged.  Ignition coil resistance is in spec.  As soon as the key switch is turned on I see the CDI sending voltage (maxing at about 1.9v) to the primary on the ignition coil without tumbing the starter.  I thought the CDI was the problem so I got a used from Ebay and it does the same exact thing.  If I unplug the leads from the coil and then turn on the ignition it starts climbing in voltage (topping out at like 180v) without spinning the starter over.  Wtf...

What's the possiblility of both the CDI's being faulty in the same exact way?


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I can see this area of the forum is a hot bed of information!

Problem solved.  The magnets came off the flywheel.

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