Why is my new bike cutting out?

I just got a new 426 a few months ago and I love it. I went to saddle back yesterday and it started to cut out when I was at idle and just getting on the gas. It felt like it wasn't getting any gas. It was the second ride on a new air filter. I havn't cleaned my oil fiter yet. Could that have something to do with it? I havn't cleaned\changed the fuel filter either. Any ideas?

If it was OK before then there is no need for any mods. I suspect some dirt or goo in the carb. This happend to me just 2 weeks ago. It started running really bad at and just above idle (almost die) and would cut out if I whacked it open. Lots of popping and burbling at smaller throttle openings. It never did this before so I immediately suspected goo in the carb. I took it apart and cleaned it and the problem is gone. I would recommend starting by cleaning everything out. Too much oil on the air filter can cause a problem if the oil gets sucked into the smaller passages in the carb. If it's an '01 or '02 then you should not have a bogging problem with the stock jetting unless you're at an unusual temp or elevation.

Also if you have some hours on it and have never cleaned or changed the oil filter then I suggest that you do it asap! When new these things typically leave a good bit of metal in the filter and you don't want that clogging your filter if you haven't cleaned it out yet.

From the way to describe it that is the same problem I have. I will give everything a good cleaning. It is a little scary when you are about to hit a jump and bike doen't want to move. Thanks.

Yes dirty air filters can cause alot of headaches

Oil filters Noway but you should change it and the oil

Fuel filter inless ya sucked dirt in it noway

Jetting yes, the heat of the day yes

To many variables to determine the cause.

Give the bike a maintainence run down, Oil Change / Oil Filter change, air filter douch and clean.....Plug change

Thanks. One thing I forgot to mention is that it only did it for the first 10-15 minutes of the ride.

Then maybe just maybe some dirt was in the carb.

Is it doing it now ?

Or when its cold

It does it when it is cold. After I let it sit for a while and rode it again it was doing the same thing. When I hit a burm and let the rpms drop then gas it out it would sputter and jump a few time before it really took off. It has never done that before yesterday.

do a thorough maint clean by the manual.

Also take a look at some of the threads do a search on BKmod and see what you think.

1: the bike is cold it will act a little grumpy until operating temp

2: the bog you describe is a problem that the BKmod fixes

3: Welcom to Thumperdom

Thanks for your help. I'll do that.

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