Beta 300rr over heating

13 hours ago, livefivetwofive said:

For future reference. Beta 300 2015. I was having same symptoms as described here.

Couldnt make the bike over heat if i threw it on a bonfire... then oneday started blowing out fluid and making "bubbling" noises really easily.

Remembered after a couple frustrating rides, that the bike had suffered a tumble onto that side in rocks. Radiator cap had taken a hit and also deformed the sealing lip/neck of the radiator somewhat.

Solution: Bent the lip to correct flush position and changed the cap.

My theory is the "bubbling" noise which lead me to believe it was over-heating was more of a muffled quick "pffft"pffft" noise from the cap rubber not sealing the radiator mouth correctly.

From this crash actually.


I just did one of those on the last ride.. right side though.. perfect exa:thumbsup:mple . 

I think I need to work on my core more to avoid more of that stuff. Im thinking of buying a raptor wrap around chest protector to protect the side of my torso more too. 

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