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Standard sprocket sizes on DR350se?

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Anyone know the standard tooth count of DR350se front and rear sprocket?


I bought a DiD standard sprocket and chain kit but the ratio is way too close at a 110kph the engine is nearing valve float.


I expected it to be closer as I put 17” sumo rim on the back and 110/90-17 tyre


Currently the sprockets are 14 front and 42 rear


Any info on sprocket combinations that others are using would be appreciated








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if yours is non-cush you can get a 39t & 15t front 

Cheers plugeye yeah mine is not a cush drive so was hopeful for a smaller rear sprocket seeing as I am running a 17” rear. Hopefully I can source one in NZ

What brand is yours? Might look online if I can’t one

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