Slow and Jerky

Display shutting off, 14 Polaris Indy 550

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The cluster shuts off at right about 1900 RPM and the tach stops reading accurately, it will show it's at 50 or 400 or whatever it feels like. When the display is out the voltage drops. As soon as the RPM come back down it starts working again.

There is also a significant voltage drop both AC and DC.

If I run it without the capacitor the tach starts working fine and the display stays on except for the back-light, no voltage drop.

The stator is testing fine with an ohm meter and puts out good AC voltage (without the capacitor) and so does the voltage regulator. hook the regulator back up and both AC and DC voltage conks out until you go back down to idle. 

I have disconnected everything except the CDI, tried a different cluster, capacitor and voltage regulator from an identical machine, cleaned the chassis ground, etc.

I am at a loss, any ideas?

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