i need help with this old dirt bike

i cant figure out what model is this dirt bike it would be greatly appreciates if someone could help me the owner supposedly told me its a suzuki 1999 but didnt know what model

i need this help because, i want to buy that dirt bike so i can restore it and make it run good

vin number is:  Jsldk41a7x2100079


Looks like a dr350 suzdr350x9-01-1.jpg

90s dr350

Looks like a dr350 suzdr350x9-01-1.jpg.2f73b5d58f49a1a928019a1290a64980.jpg

If seller doesnt know what it is, then chances are it wont have a title, which you should be wary of, though a couple of states dont need them i believe

thank you, all of you. it does look like a dr350 really appreciate it

1999 DR350

Looks like something to stay far, far away from! :)


Donate that beauty to Ronnie Mac, he'll think he hit the dirt bike lottery and be on 7th heaven!! 

3 hours ago, Eric@ScottsPerformance said:

Looks like something to stay far, far away from! :)


This ^^^^^^^^

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