Starting a New High end MX FACILITY (Serious)

Hello everyone I have been looking to start my own high end training facility for quite some time now. Ive also looked at buying an established track outright but the deal just never worked out to both parties satisfaction and I was sacrificing long term success for an immediate turn key place that really need lots of infrastructure and a complete turn around...

I would absolutely consider a partner but I do not need one, Im an ex pro car racer, owned a shop, owned an exotic car rental company, have a pro coaching/development driving school and have managed a road course as well. While my dream has to have always owned my own road course I do not have the 7m$ I have projected for it but I do have just enough $$$$ and other experience to have a place that will go toe to toe with the best out there.


My problem for the past 6mo has been finding the property. I have looked everywhere except CA. All these great spots are either 50acres and surrounded by neighbors who will surely complain regardless of township zoning or noise freedoms or they are mega parcels that are perfect except they are 3hr drives from major areas. I have no interest in Florida or Georgia, and north east doesn't appeal either as this should be a 12mo a yr operation. 


Im going to have it all, used dealership, legit race shop, full gym, pool, rv hookups, cottage rentals etc etc etc. I could use someone who is an ex pro or aspiring pro to help with coaching as id rather handle all the business side of things.

Which area should I focus? What 3hr radius of major cities should I focus on? Where would have the biggest draw for people to come ride for a week at a time or longer? Racers or just families that are willing to spend $$$ for a quality riding experience? 5k riders in an area that has no money won't help obviously   




****Ive run numbers and have all the business experience to know im not going to get rich off this but besides race cars this is my true life calling, I can be happy running this place for the next 30yrs. So hold your tongue on "mx tracks don't make money" or "shoulda done It 20yrs ago when the industry wasn't in the shitter"

Riverdale in Washington has been for sale for some time e now

SoCal has a lot of MX stuff...down South in the Inland Empire. Not so much in Ventura County areas. Land would be expensive but there's still a ton of open space and big population with lots of $$$$ to spend.

thanks, still looking. Ive found stuff but it has neighbors within earshot probably 4000ft away just about at every place. thats the killer for it me seems

Arizona would be a good fit I think.  There are many riders and we are becoming sort of a hot spot for Pro's, especially in the enduro side of racing.  I have also looked at buying an operating track but the owners always want much more than the business is worth.  The land I see being used is government land.  One track is on property adjacent to a prison.  One is on land owned by the Air Force and in the flight path.  The key is to get a huge piece of property.  I think in Arizona you need at least 80 acres to get a permit for this type of use.  Last season when SX started and it was raining non stop in California many of the pro's came here to get some riding in during the week between races.  Arizona is prime to be the next hot bed for moto facilities in my opinion.  You need to be far from any development, including future development if you plan to operate for 30 years.  Maybe look West of Phoenix toward California. Good luck.