07RM250 Which Tire: Starcross 5 Medium or Soft

Getting my 07RM250 ready for the warm weather to come. I'm in Southern Maryland and ride: Budds Creek, compacted sand in Middleford Delaware, packed Clay/sand dirt in Easton, MD; Richmond packed sand and woods when it's really hot. I am more grey and fatter than I feel, I'd say a VET "B" rider. I can chase down a 14-15 year old on a 250F with the best of them ( but only for a lap or 2).

I've settled on these two tires for front and rear, read reviews but would like to hear real world experience with the "M" and "S" 5's.

I used to run the MS3 on my 03RM250 and then my 07RMZ450, those tires worked great and wore like iron. I am leaning towards the S5. 

I understand a soft tire is a harder compound and a medium tire is a softer compound.


Thanks, Steve.





Actually, the starcross 5s compound is very soft. Because of that, they perform great everywhere...including hard pack. A couple of my buddies were running the mediums but say how much better my softs were performing and switched. Both of them will now only run the soft.

The 5s rear can wear pretty fast, so if you're more interested in longevity than performance, get the M rear. I'd stick with the soft front.

I've been running the 5m on my 2005 RM 250 for the past year and love it on MX tracks.  It works well in the woods for the most part, but on wet rocks (creek) it seems to have a lot less grip than the Dunlops I had before.


I ran a sc5 medium on the front with a sxc12 rear, I hated it (the rear was fine). Pulled it off after a couple of rides and went to Pirelli.

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