Submerged my!

Need some advice on what maintenance to do now that I have submerged my WR400. I had about 2 inches of water in the airbox, I drained that first, then I removed the sparkplug and kicked the bike over for about 45 is still spraying out a light mist at this point, I also removed the tubing going from the hot start to the intake and cleaned that out. I've changed the oil, didn't notice any signs of water in it. Any advice (besides the obvious of staying out of deep water!) would be greatly appreciated.

Clean everything. Ride it and change the oil. Run it some more and double check the oil for water.

You can cut a small hole in the crimped hose over the airbox drain. Big enough to let water drain out, but small enough not to let any in. :)

Ok, thanks, but by clean everything, do you mean dis-assemble the top end? I've already cleaned the carb, the exhaust and changed the oil and plug.

No. Just the spots that water could get into easily like the carb, exhaust etc. Sounds like you got those areas allready. I would ride it and change the oil again just to make sure that there isn't any water in the oil though.

Thanks for your' help. Just finished running the bike... oil looks clear, I'll change it anyway just to be safe.

If your oil is clean i would say the motor didn't get water in it.The 450 takes only a litre of oil and any moisture even the smallest a mount turns the oil milky.It's sounds like you need to do the free water proofing mods, especially the oil & carb breather mods.I put a short hose with a nylex little tap on the end coming from the air box and cable tied to my front sprocket guard so when i go thru water and come out the other side i just crack the tap open to drain the airbox.

Keep dry dave

Thanks for that tip, I'll be searching the forum for additional water proofing ideas

A few weeks ago, I dropped mine in a hole abount 4' deep and completely swamped the engine! Took about 45 minutes to clear the water out enough to get the bike to run. Must of had a gallon in the exhaust alone. I did 4 oil changes to remove all water traces and no problems since. I did learn a few things I will share:

1. If you suspect engine is hydro-locked, don't try and crank until you check the air box for water.

2. remove air filter and check for any dirt in carb before turning engine over

3. stand bike up on end to drain water from exhaust

4. remove spark plug

5. turn engine over til water is no longer spraying from spark plug hole

6. remove as much water as possible from air filter

7. dry spark plug with a lighter or matches and reinstall

8. good luck

9. change oil as many time as necessary to remove any trace of water.

I think as long as you do the oil changes, don't ride bike too far with contaminated oil and ensure it has no dirt or other contaminates in the carb, you'll be OK :)

Thanks for the tips.

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