The Best Dirt Bike You Have Ridden

Post why you loved it and describe it compared to other bikes you've ridden!

Husky TE300

I ride a WR450F and it feels like a rock compared to the Husky (my bike is about 50lbs heavier) Such a light and comfortable bike. I keep wondering if I should take the plunge and trade bikes. 

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13 Beta 300rr, followed closely by my 09 KTM 300 xcw....but either one can be the best when I'm riding one or the other..

2012 Beta 500 RS. it feels light for a 500 and turns well.  

My current bike because I'm financially and emotionally invested in it therefore it's the best.

Impossible question.  Some bikes are so much better in certain circumstances than others and then are mediocre at something else.

But for just plain hauling ass a newer CRF450R is hard to beat.

Just because it's my own bike and I have it set up the way I want '15 Beta 300 race edition.

My '10 KTM 300XC-W. Hands down, an amazing bike. Way better for woods riding than my older crf250r.

1987 CR125 I had when I was a teenager. Had more fun on that than just about every bike I've had since.

My 1987 CR250R was and still is an incredible torquey, light, fast dirtbike. Raced in both MX and Hare Scrambles it would routinely get the hole shot, and would climb hills the other bikes wouldn’t. Today my bike of choice is my 2013 KTM 500 XCW, fast, reliable, e-start, can use on road or off all most anywhere.

I will add a new twist on this, what was one of your buddies bikes that you think was the best: My cousin had a Monark 125 GP not sure what year, 74 maybe, but that bike was great, it would out run 250’s of the day and handle jumps, tracks, trails like a factory racer. They are almost an unfair advantage in any vintage race. A couple-of other notables, 87 XR200, KTM 380, KTM 300, 1981 YZ250, YZ465, KTM 200.

The Husky 17-18 TX300 is incredible... I have the 16 and I swear the 17 is meaningfully better. 

Yamaha MX360 1972, I was 12 and that bike was BAD ASS and friggin FAST

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This is a nearly impossible question to answer,indeed if you have been riding since a child.At the age of 13 I had a YZ490 for dirt and a RD350 for street.That YZ brought me more fear,smiles and excitement than any other bike in my life.That bike made you feel free,like you could fly.

I would get my friends dad to come start it for me,he would pull it next to the curb,I would climb on it,he would hold it up for me and I would ride off.He would go get on his ATC 250R and ride around with me....I miss the 1980s

27 minutes ago, arthur6 said:

Yamah MX360 1972, I was 12 and that bike was BAD ASS and friggin FAST

Hah, I had that same bike in the bumblebee paint scheme.  Raced open class with it.

There were few bikes as fun as my KX500. Because, it was a KX500! Tho the XR650R is a loyal companion too.

My ole 01 Honda XR 400 with the 440 kit. That was my first big bike and I had it for 11 years. I didn't care how many buddies told me it was to heavy, old , loud, or slow. In a hare scramble, I loved it. You could hear that thing coming thru the trees like a monster. If I got close to any of my friends racing with me, they would move 25 yards earlier because they thought I was right behind them. If they still made them , that's what I would have forever. Stupid honda. Now I ride on a husky that they don't even make anymore. SMH 



39 minutes ago, ponderingjunkman said:

There were few bikes as fun as my KX500. Because, it was a KX500! Tho the XR650R is a loyal companion too.

Those are big bikes!

The favourite bike that i have ever ridden would be my brothers CR250 02.  In simplest words, that thing is a rocket ship.  I can never get the bike to reach it's full potential power wise! Love it, always a blast to ride and I stand there stunned in fearful amazement after i get off it after a hard ride where I had it pinned for a second. Or two.  😉

I rode a 2015 cr500af conversion. Absolutely insane, the power was awesome! Probably the funnest bike I've ever ridden, the best is a tie between the 2006-18 yz250 and the new 2017 ktm 250sx. Those are amazing bikes


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