need 60 tooth sprocket/428 for '74 tl125

Does anybody know where you can buy new 60 tooth rear sprocket in 428 for a box stock '74 TL125? Hopefully a supplier in the USA, as shipping and currency conversion make parts from England expensive.


In the same vein, Does anybody know if I can get a 60 tooth rear sprocket in 520 chain to fit the TL125 rear wheel? I have a '84 ATC200X motor that I might try to put in a rolling TL125 basket case case I've got.


Chadzu, PBI They have already shipped the 428 60 T, Thanks for the link.


Is 60 stock size ? 14 front?
I've had several TL125s... one I put a 12 on the front, you couple easily walk faster than 1st gear would go.

Have you tried Sprocket Specialists?  I have no idea if they make small stuff but that is who Al Baker used to recommend.

I had a china bike once. It used a 428 chain. China riders forum has info on 428 sources.

SuperSprox might be a good place to check. I believe if they don't have it, they can custom make it. You'd just have to check their website 

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