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Hitch Carrier: under frame vs. under the wheels?

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I'm looking for a hitch mount carrier for when it's just me to avoid pulling the trailer and to shorten drive times. We have two different cars with hitches, a Honda Element and an Audi Q7, both with 2" class III hitches. The bike in question is a YZ250X (wet weight 229 lb). I have done some research and would appreciate insights anyone can offer.

The first fork in the decision tree seems to be whether to go with the type that holds the frame, like the Ultimate MX Hauler, or one that supports the wheels, for which I've found a few different models that seem to get pretty decent reviews. I am looking for something I can have high confidence in.

Any input on one type versus the other, on any of the models below, or any suggestions for a different model, would be very much appreciated!

Under frame...

Ultimate MX Hauler ($430)

Under wheels...

from eTrailer: smooth Rage Powersport ($448) or ladder Rage Powersport ($224)

Rack N Roll ($450)



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If you have the cash, I would go with the Ultimate. Its small and won't take up much space when sitting in the garage. I've had a Joe Hauler and it was super strong, well made. 

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      Hey guys! Looking for everyones input on hitch carriers. I did a ton of research when i was shopping and i was lured into buying the "ultimate mx hauler". I liked the design with no tie downs and how it lowered down and had the hydraulic lift. After using it a few times id almost rather tow a small trailer. Is anyone else kinda bummed on how long it takes to load a bike on the ultimate mx hauler as well as tools being required? 
      these links below seem to have a different design but there isnt much info or reviews out there...i may just go back to the ramp style with tie downs.