Bike Binderz, worth the $$$. Review and pics

I'll say, they are pricey at $249 although I got lucky and got a set for 15%-off for New Years and got my first set for about $212.  I say first set because I'm definitely buying another set for my new trailer.  I'm having a PROLine SNO 714 built to haul both my snowbike and snowmobile, and the dirtbikes the rest of the year.  No more needing a front wheel chock or straps.  Just pin, pull and done.  Here is the link to their site:

I was turned on to them by the guys on SnoWest as many use them for their snowbikes.  Reason being that many guys haul their bikes on sled decks mounted to their pickup trucks and dealing with wet, frozen, seized straps in the wintertime blows chow.  Ill say it again, the price of admission is high, but for the security and total ease of use, they are totally worth it to me.  







I'm so looking forward to my new enclosed drive in/drive out trailer.  

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I think I've got that exact same cover, I bought it off Amazon some years ago for my mountain sled and now I use it on the bike, works great!

41 minutes ago, Danceswithtrees said:

I think I've got that exact same cover, I bought it off Amazon some years ago for my mountain sled and now I use it on the bike, works great!

I had been using it for my snowmobile for years as it is a very well made and durable cover with lots of straps that come down to secure the cover to the sled.  This one is the x-tra large one and it goes all the way over the track at the very back.  Under $100 on Amazon.  

The only reason I'll be needing the cover is when I might be leaving the bike outside overnight and it is going to snow.  

Another report, after a 260 mile round-trip.  

Again, the binderz are fantastic.  I am glad, though, that I had redecked the trailer with 1/2" marine ply this past fall so the wood was solid, new and sound.  The deck is everything although I can imagine that when installed into a steel bed or deck, there would be no problem or concern with anything possibly pulling out.  

The 12" long L-track  is held in by three thru bolts and the snowbike kit that comes with the two chains further spreads the load to the L track.  


The binderz definitely keep the bike stable on the trailer.  I will like that when I use them in my new enclosed trailer I won't need a front wheel chock at all.  Just load and go.  The ease of both unloading and loading is so nice.  I even had my boy helping to unclip the clips and yanking the big lever to release the tension on the chains.  All so very easy.  No more dealing with wet/half frozen, cruddy straps and needing to tie off the tag ends of the straps so they don't flutter and fray.  


I am going to order another set for the new enclosed trailer I have coming so I'll have two sets to secure two bikes as it is very easy to adjust the height(s) to the footpegs with a simple turnbuckle carabiner.  Amazing that they are now backordered till 01/30, business must be good if not great.  




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