Shelton Dirt Rider LLC work party update for 1/13 and 14

According to Dave Hiatt, 11 of the 30 miles of trail that needed heavy brushing has been completed. This weekends work will begin at 910a on Saturday and Sunday. We are meeting at gate 2.

The gate will be open from 830 to 845.  Non members are welcome. You must come with a member and need to sign a waiver when you arrive. If you need a member you can adopt me!

Chainsaws,weed eaters with blades and hand cutters are the best tools. If you don't have any we can still use your warm body

See the attached map for directions

Map for the  12-8 work party.jpeg

Heading over on the 6:00 A.M. ferry to Bremerton. Any good breakfast places on the way to SDR

1 minute ago, cougbike said:

Heading over on the 6:00 A.M. ferry to Bremerton. Any good breakfast places on the way to SDR

I will meet you at the Hideaway restaurant at 7

Where is that ?

Ok looks like JR's Hideway in Belfair. Ferry gets in at 7. I'll be there at 7:30

I’ll be there for breakfast too

was out with Dutch and Anthony today doing scouting and riding in the 4 miles completed last weekend. It was awesome!!! It’s a bit rough being new, so it was hard enduro.  We had a ball. Old Grunt was under the weather but that didn’t stop that middle aged bastard!  You know that 100 is in the middle of 200 right?

folks, today was a milestone today. We did 25 miles today of scouting and riding and I got excited about where things are headed. Fun times. 








SDR has a decent collection of tools growing. But if you can bring a chainsaw, a 3-4 prong rake, a hand saw, and beer

bring work gloves, eye protection, good work boots

your feet will definitely get muddy and wet. Tomorrow I’m going to wear goretex adv boots and goretex pants to see if that works

last week my goretex low tops with waterproof socks got soaked

for everyone out last weekend.... the finished product is awesome!

Do not be afraid to show up totally clueless. It hasn’t hindered me a bit...

there are great, qualified, experienced people out there.  A real learning experience 

sunday i am bringing my video game addicted 13yr old son out 

Lets bring our sense of humor as well. This may be work, but it should also be fun as well. Taking the dangers of these tools we use seriously is a must, but it can be done without being overly serious. It`s not rocket science or curing cancer, its just people coming together,working hard to build a kick ass place to rip around on your off road vehicle.   

Haha video addicted sons  I got two!  Amazing how the evil tech companies have taken over a generation of boys with the f@#$ckin screen.   There is hope. 

I got em riding and snowboarding at least.   I will be draggin them out this summer down there on some 250l 's  A subject for another thread I'm sure  

See ya for breakfast   I heard it pretty damn good 


Had breakfast there today. Yup, food is great. Just don’t ignore the waitress...

To stay dry rubber rain gear and rubber boots work great, but can be too hot. If you go this route. just wear a pair of shorts under the rain gear and something light up top. Temp should be around 50 tomorrow, so over dressing will make you hot.

Great way to lose some winter fat.  

Best to not get too near me tomorrow as I am just getting over the flu and still coughing.

Only thing fat on me is my mouth and rubber rain gear wont fix that.

I think i might try for breakfast in the morning, if i can get out of bed.  I promise not to be too

About 30 volunteers today!! What a great group of people. 









4 of us, nastiest of green veggie bush  crap. 

3 hours for 3/10ths of a mile. 

Inches at a time, to last a lifetime.  

It sure would be nice to get more SDR members out helping at these work parties. We have 350 members, but are lucky to get 10 to 15 SDR members helping. The TMC people have stepped up big time and its kind of disappointing to see us out numbered 2 to 1 most of the time. I am not asking for all weekend every weekend, but we need more help from SDR members than we are currently getting. The more people help, means the quicker this area becomes even better than it currently is. Please if you have a saturday or sunday free the next couple months, come meet fellow SDR members and help out for the betterment or your riding area. That said it was cool to see some new faces out today, lets keep that up and see more new faces.

Andy and Russ it was good working with both of you today. That was some thick stuff and you both did a great job. You guys worked your asses off today and we could not have done what we did without you 2. Thanks again


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