Header problems - FMF makes me happy

I got a call from FMF to tell me my header will be replaced free of charge.

The weld at the collector had broken while riding in N Carolina a couple of weeks ago.

I tried to email them and did not get a reply. Then I called and was told they wouldn't fix it.

After posting this on Thumper I received a call from FMF saying it would be replaced.

I believe it is the policy of FMF to stand behind their products 100%.

I have also seen where one confused employee can screw up a companys reputation in a hurry.

The power of forums such as these to inform fellow riders of problems with products we spend our money on is formidable.

It is also important to identify companys that work hard to keep us happy. That is now my opinion of FMF.

Good service makes or breaks a company. That is why TT Shop makes that their #1 commitment to us. I am glad that FMF feels the same way. Your point is well taken. One employee can make the difference however the customer must be willing to take steps to resolve issues.

I am very glad that a fellow TTer was able to help you resolve this with FMF.

It is also important to identify companys that work hard to keep us happy.

We're always quick to bite someone's head off and bad mouth people, products or companies. It's hear good to hear about companies taking corrective action and ultimately backing their products.

Positive feedback through word of mouth is how most businesses stay in business. Its good to know, especially for FMF, your problem is being resolved.

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