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Modded Case Protectors for 01 DRZ400 Kicker

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I was on here whining about the fact that none of the case protectors fit a 01 DRZ400 Kicker and Erik M pointed me to some pics he dug up from somewhere of another kicker owner who had modified some to fit. Since that was old and I searched the forum and didn't find that post originally (no really), I thought I'd post my own update for any kicker owners that find themselves needing case protection. First off, I didn't order this set from the TT store because I didn't want to butcher up a $45 (shipped) set of case guards while trying to figure out if this would work (and Erik refused to drive to Colorado and put them on for me). I picked these red ones up on Amazon via Prime for $19 shipped.


If you are going to do this for your kicker, don't order anodized ones, the cutting process will mar the finish and they look like crap. Also note, I've ordered my TT set already and am waiting for them to get here so I can't compare build quality directly. These Amazon ones aren't very good. They bend easily and they were tweaked out of the box and don't sit flush. The larger case guard for the brake side of the bike is cupped out so the center portion doesn't even touch the case and then the curved lips don't sit all the way on the edges of the case either. It might have stayed on with RTV just around the edges, but it might not have. 


I used a Dremel 3000 on high speed and the reinforced cutting wheel to zip through the metal. Wear your safety glasses, being the safety third type of guy I almost forgot to put them on and then as soon as I started cutting shards were bouncing off my face and the glasses. The metal cut very easily and yes the cuts are crooked because I'm not the picky sort (don't judge me). After cutting I put it back on the bike and bent the ears I cut it using some pliers until the tabs were where I wanted them to be. I did have to cut the corners around the sideways rectangular pokey outty thing directly above the shifter about 130-ish. They hit the case after being bent and needed to be hacked off. Dremel did that no issues as well. After all the cutting I ground the rough edges down using a grinding attachment for the Dremel and job was done.













And a pic of my daughter, her XR100R, and her dog Jet. She's trying to teach him how to ride.


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