YZ426 vs. KTM520?

A freind of mine just purchased a KTM 520. How can I expect the 426 to run against his 520? We ride both hare's and MX.

I ride with a guy that has a 520, the 426 smokes the orange slug. Even though it has better equip more hp, the bike is a turd to ride. I personaly dont like it. It sits to high steers like a Ero Bike Steers (Typical). But anyway you will smoke it. the 426 has the grunt to moto past the thing

Well thats my $4.26 worth anyway


the guy I ride with, he only rode with me once, since then he makes all kinds of excuses not to show up

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hehehe, you riding with the wrong dude ego :)

i've ridden and raced against many a 426, hare scrambles, and on the mx track, and the 520 will out-torque, and out pull any 426. it won't out-steer it, unless the rider gets her sideways, or really muscles it. I can turn in the woods just as sharp as any bike. Turns is all rider on a KTM. If he's good, you'll have a fun ride with each other!

Originally posted by 426fireman:

A freind of mine just purchased a KTM 520. How can I expect the 426 to run against his 520? We ride both hare's and MX.

I’m guessing he got an EXC?? The SX is only a four speed and has no lights or e-start.


The 520 is a whole lot faster than the 426, this should be easy to believe, the KTM motor is based on the Husaberg design (they are fast), and it is almost 90 ccs larger (actually a 510 I believe).

But the suspension isn’t even in the same league, particularly the forks. Now, the SX will have larger and stiffer-sprung forks, which is part of the problem. However, my friend has one size stiffer springs on his ’01 EXC and it stills bottoms harshly (w/ me on it, anyway) and easily. I tip the scales at about 190 in all my gear and am an avg. (read: slow) expert class off-road competitor. I can say that this bike would just kill me dead on an even mild set of sand whoops, even with the stiffer springs. Fix the forks and then we are talkin’.

Of course it does not handle like the YZ either, but I found that this quirk didn’t really bother me, but then I don’t ride MX. The KTM is definitely harder to turn, the tighter the turn the more you will miss your YZ, but it is very confidence inspiring over chop/trail junk at speed, even with the sloppy forks.

Finally, it doesn’t feel as heavy as my YZ, even though it is. The SX feels much lighter, and is in reality about 10 or 12 pounds lighter I believe.

But because of the suspension I’d say I’m definitely faster on a YZ. Granted, I haven’t ridden an ’01 SX (w/ the bigger forks), but I doubt they close the gap appreciably enough to make the difference. But maybe they do.

Hope this helps.

These things are so frigin fast that unless you are pro then it will all come down to how good a rider you are. Just my thoughts...

i rode with a 520exc my 2000 yzf smoked him no problem , i tot it was a rider matter , but then i rode with another 2 520 exc's , and i smoked them too , in track and in dunes and in long open tracks ....

actualy, maybe its the better rider? :)

Hey Gal..............maybe you're 426 smoked the 520 because of all those impressive bolt on accessories your bike has

take a look at the massively modified bike of Stefan Evert yz500f(aluminium framed titanium/corbon fibre everything)

then compare that to the pretty much stock motor of joel smetts ktm. and to be honest Stefan isnt miles ahead of joel

infact when the 426 was being ridden hard in the world GP's it just couldnt keep up with the 520's

so i gues the fact is if both bikes are ridden hard by a pro ridder the 520 is much faster.

for the average guy i doubt we can ride the standard bike anything above 80% (at most)of it potential

lets face it both bikes are probably faster then we are

thinking about it,,, buy a 250f and thrash the hell out of it,,, i bet you'd go faster

hi max

i hope its the better rider

but i guess its the better bike...

and most of the accessories i have on my bike are not making it faster ...

My Dad rides a EXC 520. Needless to say, I've raced him alot. Here's what I've realized...

Drag racing on soft dirt or hard pack, the bikes are even. In deep, soft sand his KTM is a bit faster which is understandable. There's no replacement for displacement.

My Dad and I weigh about the same, but he has more experience. We also run the same brand and size tires. We've switched bikes, just to make sure the results aren't due to skill and had the same results.

On a track, I think the KTM motor gives it an advantage for clearing jumps, but not landing from them. The suspension, like everyone says, needs some work. In an open outdoor situation where you're flying really fast everywhere, I don't think you can get much better than a 520 with a steering stabilizer. On tight trails, it's easier to keep the 426's powerband there but the KTM's magic button makes stalling easy to deal with.

Personally, I don't like KTM's parts availability or the front fender they use. (we all know what they look like :) ) What I do love is the E-start, trick parts that come stock, and easy maintenance. Not to mention all that torque!

I haven't ridden on or with a 520 SX but I'm sure the results would be very similar.

My 426 is awesome. I would, however, love to have a KTM 520 as a <u>second</u> bike. :D


hehe. this one's not turning into a flame fest!!

I guess thats good :)

Yeah, my dad has a 426, obviously, I have the 520SX.

Agreed, the suspention needs stiffened up tremendously, but after that, it works great, and doesn't slow you down. The 520 is not the slug everyone seems to think it is. Like I mentioned in my previous post, you can turn a KTM just as tight as ANY bike, it just requires a little more muscle. I've almost had my handlebars dragging already through some berms, so believe me, she'll turn. She does headshake a bit though. So, if you are on a fast, bumpy section, if the rider on the 520 isn't willing to commit to the section, they will tank slap and inevitably have to back off. I've had a stop to stop before as well, but if you stay on the gas, she'll pull out. I had a nasty swapper in the desert at about 70. I had to back off on that one, but only lost 2-3 bike lengths to my dad on his 426, and my uncle on his 610 husky (who was not even trying....he flat out motors in the desert!) Other times, just stay on the gas, don't let the headshake scare you, and the bike will stabilize and still be accellerating.

I think what you'd find on a 520, is that it isn't as 'cozy' of a bike, it requires more muscle, more rider stability, and being a tall person helps too. It'a not a bike for a ham fisted, weak of heart person. It is a very demanding bike. I've ridden my dad's 426, although QUITE potent, and perhaps easier to ride under select circumstances, it is no faster, but I'd also so no slower (unless it's an all out drag race, or a soft terrain toruqe battle). The KTM demands more PILOT, less rider. If you ride it like a normal bike, you'll have a tough time of it, and feel awkward. If you act like the pilot of the machine, and tell IT what to do, not let it tell YOU what to do, you'll be very, very fast. It does require a slightly different riding style. Some people just are not able to transition to it. No big deal, but they get the wrong impression then of such a fine machine.

It's like driving automatic, or stick. If you've only driven automatic (yam/hon/kaw/suz), you think stick sucks (ktm)!! But, after you adapt to stick (ktm), you find out that if you use it right, it can be much better!

All I am saying is the Ktoommmers I ride with cant keep up, call it rider call it bike, call it a cheese burger I am not impressed.

The KTM's are pretty bikes, but for the price I would expect more.


Dont worry its the rider that passes not the bike :)

my friend wants to know what ktm stands for, i couldnt tell em, so whats it stand for? :)

Kronreif-(co-founder of original co. in 1934)

Trunkenpolz-(locksmith who founded the co.)

Mattighofen-(town of origin in austria)

thank ya :)

Dirt Dad no it means




or Monster

kick ten minutes ... :)

Kant Take Much,,,, More


Kill The Mother *&&^%&^&*^&*er

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All will change this year when the 520 gets down sized to 450 and the 426 moves up to 450. Orange wont have that 100cc advantage and the handling and suspension are all ready better in blue. The slower reving KTM wont have much of a chance to the much quicker Yammy engine. Don't forget Yammy will have at button also, along with new frame,all new engine, plastic and will be 3 lbs less than the CRF.


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