Should I get WR 250F?

Hey guys, I just went riding with my friend. My friend has a 96 Kawasaki 250cc 4 stroke. I have a 2002 YZ 426F.

I really do love my bike, especially on sand and big areas where I can really go fast.

But at the trails with tight corners and narrow trails, I sucked ass with the YZ 426F. When I rode my friends Kawasaki 1996 250cc 4 stroke, it was so easy to ride. The bike is little shorter and suspension is soft and the gears are really low. I could leave it at 2nd gear and go blasting through the trails. With my 426, I had to stay on 1st gear and feather out the clutch many times and the suspension was pretty stiff making me feel all the bumps and stuff like that. That was pretty tiring. I guess I am a pu ssy :)

Well, I thought maybe I could have a second bike just for tight trails. I thought WR 250F would be nice to have? :D

First off, let me say that I haven't ridden a 250f, but I have owned two 125s and a KTM 200 for woods riding and now I am on a YZ 450. IMO, small bore bikes require alot of shifting and make you pretty busy in the woods. My suggestion would be to set your 426 up for how you want to ride it (gearing, suspension, maybe even Z-start). This all would be cheaper than a new 250f. Just buy a bigger rear sprocket or smaller front. Lower fork oil level, back clickers out, run more sag. Because after riding a 426, when you buy a 250f, the first thing you will want to do is buy a $400 pipe for more power. :)

yeah, I thought z-start would really solve my feathering the clutch problem. Its on back order :D:)

As for gearing, I thought 1st gear was too much, I am already at 13 tooth in the front, maybe I should get 52 tooth for rear? I thought it would make my bike too wheelie happy.

As for suspension, I'd like to learn how to make it softer. Where can I look up for info on adjusting it? I'll check the owner's manual and try tweak it. But I'd like to put it all back to normal when I go out to the dunes. Gotta support my airborne landings :D

Rekluse, gimme my z-start!!! :D

Oh yeah, on the suspension, set your rear spring sag a little more, which means backing the spanner nut off a little on your rear spring. Then, back the clickers out on compression and rebound. All of this is easily changed for a day in the dunes.

what about the front springs?

Try backing the clickers out nearly all the way. If that still isn't soft enough, you could pull the springs out, compress the forks and measure the fork oil height. On my 450, I am running 130mm from the top, which is lower than the factory height. This will make it a little more plush. When you go to a track, just turn the clickers back in, and you should be fine, unless you are going really big on the jumps. You can always change to softer springs if you want, depending on your weight. The WR does have softer springs, and this is not really that expensive, but if you take large jumps, the softer springs will make you find the bottom easier. I find that raising the forks in the triple clamps make the bike feel a little more stable in the woods and makes it turn better. Also, it helps keep the front wheel down. But, the trade off is a little more headshake at high speeds in the rough. This also is an easy adjustment that can be made in a few minutes. The main thing is to try different settings to find what makes you the most comfortable. Just write down where you started from and start changing things. You will be surprised at how easy it is to set the bike up to suit you. :)

First off, let me say that I haven't ridden a 250f, but I have owned two 125s and a KTM 200 for woods riding and now I am on a YZ 450. IMO, small bore bikes require alot of shifting and make you pretty busy in the woods.

that's certainly the case for small bore two strokes. on the other hand a small bore four stroke has a much more linear power band than a two stroke and requires a lot less clutching and shifting work. so IMO you're wrong with your opinion. :D

the first things you should ask someone contemplating a 450cc for the woods is a) how close the trees are together, and :) what their skill level is. a 450cc in super tight woods is pointless, moreover the pain amplifcation factor is just way too high for a novice to intermediate rider. too much power on tap in the woods can be a hinderance, not an asset. case in point, my brother-in-law is a borderline AA class enduro rider. he rides a older KDX200. you can't catch him no matter what bike you're on. he can stick with jeff "mr ISDE" freddette for long enough. and the worse the [@#$%&*!] gets, the faster he goes. it has nothing to do with power, and everything to do with suspension, technique, and being smooth.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

I have a YZF 250 and it is the best bike I have ever ridden in the woods. People say the WR is even better in the woods. With this bike, you dont have to keep it on the pipe like a 125 and it will have all of the power you need for woods and trail riding. I do not have to constantly tapdance on the shifter, and I dont get tired riding it either. If you ride sand dunes, you will notice the missing power and the bigger bore would be the ticket.

My bike is a problem when I race mx on bigger outdoor style tracks. The big bores kinda run off from me, but these bikes are not what the 250f was designed to compete with either.

I'll try the rekluse auto clutch and try soften up the suspension on my 426. If thats still not helping much. I might look into a 250 when I have the money and in great deal on one.

I am not trying to talk him out of getting a 250f, I was just trying to advise trying to set up his 426 for the riding he wants to do. If some cheap adjustments still don't add up to what he is looking for, then by all means buy a 250f. I am not a very fast rider, so I know that a good rider on a yz80 could beat me in the woods. I know that being fast is all rider. But, a big bore four stroke sure is fun in the woods, it just requires more throttle control. All that said, just find the bike and setup that is most comfortable to you and ride it. All of the bikes out there are good, hey I even like a KDX, they are alot of fun and are fast in the right hands. I just prefer the feel of my 450. :)

a 450cc in super tight woods is pointless

I agree that you cannot use the power of a 450 in the tight woods, but that doesn't mean that you can't ride a 450 just as well in the tight stuff. I rode last week at Loretta Lynn's spring ride, and ask anyone who went, it doesn't get much tighter than that. I rode the 22 mile loop three times that day on a 450, and rarely ever shifted gears. Yes I could have been just as fast on a 250f, but the 450 handled it fine. :)

You going back this coming weekend for the GNCC?

No, I don't think I am going to make it this weekend. I am hoping to put my rekluse in Friday (if it comes in) and ride at Turkey Bay on Sat. Are you going to the GNCC? Did you make the spring ride? It was pretty awesome.

Never have been to either the ride or the GNCC. I have ridden the Amatuer National at Lorettas, but that was only one time.I do go every year to see the up and coming pros though.

I do ride at Turkey on occasion, but I mostly ride mx/sx.

I have never been to a GNCC either, I have been to Loretta's to watch the amatuer nationals. I highly recommend the spring ride. I think there were about 300 to 400 bikes there. Really tight and pretty rough single track, but very cool trail. But, then again, I ride mostly woods. :)

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