Fork Oil Weight

Just wondering what fork oil weight everyone is using in the YZ450s for woods riding/hare scrambles. I lowered mine the other day to 130mm. But, the oil seemed pretty thick, so I was thinking of changing it.


If you're going to buy an off the shelf oil use a 5w. You can always use the KYB stuff at the yamaha dealer which they call 0w. I just started using amsoil 5w and really like the feel but I've also used Bel-ray for years and had good luck w/it although it does require changing a little bit quick then some higher dollar stuff.

I lowered mine to 130 and use PJ1 5 weight. Feels better/plusher than the stock oil. I'm going to try PJ1's 2 1/2 weight next time I get to the bike shop.

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