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Carb cleaning question

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Hi there. I used to post in here pretty often a while back. Just looking to bounce an idea off all you're guys' heads to see if I learn something.

At the very end of last season, like late october, my DRZ quit running. I chalked it up to the .50c fuel filter I used all season finally dissolving and plugging up the carb. Recently I gave the carb a good cleaning and put it back on the bike. Ran like new again right away. I replaced the fuel filter too with one of those brass filters that you can backflush to clean out. I tore up the yard with it a bit and parked it. Next day no start???

So today I cleaned just the pilot circuit with a squirt of air and a fiddling with a guitar string. It all seemed pretty clean in the first place, but I stopped here and put it back together. Bike fires right up. Tore the yard up some more, made sure it was all running like normal, and it was. Then parked it. Decided to see if it would start just 30 mins ago, no start. It's such a strange problem. It ran perfectly when I parked it. I shouldn't say no start, because it did start, but it only ran for a few seconds, then shut off, then no start.

Anybody experience a similar problem before? If so what did it end up being? It has a full tank of fresh gas and an ounce of stabil. To be honest there is some debris in the tank, but only a few flakes of varnish from the 10 years of sitting it did before I got it, it would get caught in a filter for sure. 

I kind of think it might be the midbody gasket of my FCR finally causing serious problems. I already had to start running it with the coast enrichener bipassed to get control over the idle circuit.

The bike is a '00 E model so it has the slant FCR carb. Calling all slant FCR specialists. :) Whenever I think I have a handle on this thing mechanically it always throws some other problem at me to trip me up. I'm ready to get out of school, get that salary, and get a fuel injected bike. :) 

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4 minutes ago, ClutchinChrisG said:

 I'm ready to get out of school, get that salary, and get a fuel injected bike. :) 

Ah the full circle..... I'm ready to quit work.  Sell the car and muck with the bike!  In fact I already have been mucking with the bike -  It has the aforementioned fuel injection....

Sorry I know I'm no help.

best of luck


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