TM Designworks Chain Buffer Help

I just received my TM Designworks chain buffer. However, mine appears to me missing the vertical bar it is supposed to have to keep it from sliding! Did I get the wrong part??? I don't see how two screws will keep the thing from sliding over. Also, is it really necessary to loosen the swingarm to install it? Any help would be appreciated.

I think you got the wrong part. I bought one only a few months ago and it had the strap. I do think it needs it, but it may work fine without it. I would call TM (or whoever you got it from and ask).

If it still has the strap then you obviously need to remove the swingarm to install.

Hope this helps.

I talked to T.M. designworks a few weeks ago... he had a new batch of buffers without the side strap. Looks like your his guinee pig! :)

BONUS>> you won't have to remove the swingarm.

Try putting a glue/ silicon like "GOOP" under the buffer to absorb the noise, and slap.

it works great and has held up for 300 miles so far!

Definitley go with the goop. Get some automotive or marine goop and basically glue the slider to the swing arm. Use the screws, lets not get all wild here.

I couldn't hardly take the sound of the chain slap with mine until I gooped it up. Now, Ive noticed all kinds of different things, good things. Call me crazy, but I think my suspension works better now at a result of the chain slider.

Turns out I am the guinee pig! Oh well, I'll try it and see if it works.

Bad news- I still have to remove the swingarm because I can't get it around the countershaft :) . I'll keep working with it though, maybe I'll get lucky! Thanks for the help.

Well, I got the buffer installed without having to remove the swingarm :) . As far as gooping it goes, I don't think I'll be able to. There is quite a bit of air between the slider and the swingarm. When I get some pics, I'll post them if some of you will help me with it. Thanks again for the help.

Hmm. There is no air between mine and the swingarm. It fits the contours of the arm pretty good, if not perfectly. Also, the first version of this product I tried (about 18 mo.s ago) was pretty noisy, especially when new. The one I bought recently has a rail preformed into the top of it (the old one required the chain to wear its own groove) for the rollers to ride on. I honestly have not noticed anything but the slightest of noises, especially when compared to the older model on my '00, and I have the stock exhaust (so I can still hear other parts of my bike).

They also added a small tab or block on the front portion where it wraps around the arm that butts up against the frame to keep it lined up properly.

Cowboy, does your model use three mounting screws/bolts or just two? The stocker uses three, and I thought the TM design required the outside strap because it only used the rear two mounts.


My stock buffer had 4 bolts in it, and the TM has two. There is a small tab where it hits the frame to keep it from sliding. It is also pre-grooved for the chain. The space isn't that huge, about 1/8" to 3/16" max. I'm guessing they just need to make a few minor adjustments to the new design. I called ZipTy and they said this a new model, so like anything new it may need some refining. I like the fact that I didn't have to remove the swingarm to install it :) ! It took a little coaxing, but nothing bad. I'll try to get some pics next day or two and get them posted on here.

Im curious to find out if yours was as noisy as mine with out the goop. The air gap on mine was about the same as yours, so Ill be surprised if its not as noisey.

By the way, taking the swing arm off is only about a 10 min. job. What's the problem?

Is that all??? I figured it would be a long drawn out deal, I've never had one off before. I'm hoping to go ride tomorrow, I'll let you know if its noisy or not.

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