Efi and low fuel light coming on 500exc?

I have had this issue happen twice,  my efi and low fuel light are coming on, the bike will idle but soon as you give it gas it will sputter and die. The lights aren't on until you roll the throttle back.  Any ideas? Also the electric start won't work. Have to kick the bike to start,  and the computer doesn't come on when you turn the key and flip the switch to start,. Assuming it's a wiring  issue or fuel pump issue,  any help would be appreciated. 

My first guess would be a weak battery.  :excuseme:

Sounds like low voltage. Check Battery/test batt. Check the ground from Battery to frame and make sure its tight. Check all other connections on and around Battery, also to fuse block. 

Yeah I've checked all of those,  need to really dive in and check all connections , I believe it's going on somewhere in that birds nest behind the headlight

Yeah I've checked all of those,  need to really dive in and check all connections , I believe it's going on somewhere in that birds nest behind the headlight

I you  haven't done it yet, fully charge your battery and immediately take it to Advance Auto or similar for a capacity test  

This should be #1 priority even if you think the battery is good


Think of your battery like a whole house water filter clogged up and ready to be replaced, water pressure (voltage) is good until you turn a faucet on (current flow)

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    • By Brawg
      SO, for information sake and to power the search engines with some key words that i couldn't seem to trigger during my research...I'm posting my desmog process on my new 500exc. Being a new bike...i wanted to make sure that all of my "doings" were going to keep the short excuse for a warranty in tact. I have part numbers for the plugs, washers etc as well as what all came off of the bike. I know it's a simple process for some, not so for others and would like to give credit to the advrider.com writeup for some great info.
      Long story short...i plugged the hole left from the smog pump thingy on the right side of the cylinder, the Secondary Air System (SAS), the overflow canister, and all the hoses/wires that go with. The electrical plug that was involved I simply taped up with grease in it and strapped it to the inside of the frame rail.
      After i took all of it off, it would not idle....i turned up the idle adjuster (to the left) or counter clockwise in order to increase the idle speed.
      Result!!!!!! NO popping on decal, no stalling after hard accelerating, etc. Sometimes after much creeping and low rpm riding it will load up and flame out. I plan to try a different map after i install my exhaust. I think a new map will be able to add some rev to the top end. Right now it seems kind've flat once you pull through the sweet bottom and mid ranges. The bottom end power of this bike coupled with the silky smooth clutch action makes for the easiest and best suited off road bike i've ever been on. It does what i need it to do!
    • By scott72
      What is a good price for a new 500 exc?
    • By blackLabel240sx
      Can a ktm 500 exc or 500 xc-w ( whats the difference ? ) be used as a daily driver/weekend trail bike ? Dont do any heavy mx
      round trip of 20 miles every other day ?
      how does the 500exc stand up in terms of longevity and durability compared to a drz400sm ?
      thanks !
    • By cadman_ks
      I haven't really had a chance to take my '14 500 EXC on any "woods" trails up to this point, until yesterday.
      What we were riding yesterday, was TRUE woods riding.  More or less, no trails, just riding thru woods, picking spots between trees.       That wasn't too bad, and I got along fine with that.  But, later in the day, we started riding in a dry creek bed, which wasn't really a big deal either, BUT we had to go up and down the banks on some pretty steep slopes in places, and that's where the honeymoon ended...  
      I've known all along that this bike is NOT suited for climbing, with the stock gearing, but yesterday really proved that out.  The gearing SUCKS if you're going to be doing any real climbing.  
      Needless to say, I spent a LOT more time on the ground than I would have liked to.      In the midst of all of that crashing, I managed to break the lenses on both my front and rear turn signals, so now those need to be fixed.
      With all of that being said, this bike is STILL awesome!!!, it just needs some tweaking for the kind of riding that I would like to do with it.  I was originally thinking that I was going to go with a gear ratio that would allow me to keep my stock chain, but after riding yesterday, I think that's no longer the case.  I think that I'm going 13/50 with a new chain.  I really want to have that super low end power.
      And, a bad day's riding is still better than a good day at work.  
    • By GRAYRAT
      I need some feedback on gearing. I have a 500EXC which came with 15/45 gearing. First gear was about the same as my last Honda motocross bike, while sixth gear was so high you have to be going 65 mph, to shift into it an cruise at 80. I put on a 14 tooth countershaft and it really feels lower. First gear is low enough for must stuff so far, and 6th gear seems about right for 55 mph cruising without over- revving the motor in the highway between trails. My question is this: I keep reading that everyone with a 350/450/500 off road model is using either a 14/48, 13/48, or 14/50 combination. I can't see how 6th gear doesn't end up the same as a close ratio 5 speed with one of these combinations. Remember, I have NOT tried any of these, so I'm reaching out for some feedback?