Broken Choke Knob??

Has anyone ever had their choke knob bent over at a 45 degree angle while riding.

Got the bike out of the trailer and warmed it up today at the racetrack. Had to use the choke to start it. Rode around in the field to warm it up. It was taking several kicks to start while practicing the dead engine starts at the H/S. Flag drops and it takes ten kicks to get going. I know something’s not right but I'm now in the heat of the battle. Well, not for long. One long hill climb and I'm kicking my guts out. I finally looked down to see the choke knob pulled out and bent at a 45 degree angle. Day over!

I never hit anyone and no one hit me because of my last place start. Could something have flown up during my warm up ride and caused this? Seems very unlikely but it could have I guess.

Probably roost or snagged on your boots or pants. Unscrew it and throw it away and install a new one.

I somehow bent mine in a wreck. Just buy a new one. They are like 12 bucks.

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