Heard of Tasmania ? have a look

This Tasmania , a small Island below mainland Australia that just so happens to be the best place on Earth to own a dirt bike...

Its also the home of the Best Ride Ever 

you can come if you like 

St Helens to Strahan #11



thats the one ... 

Looks awesome. Do they ride any trails or mostly the dirt roads and two track stuff shown in this video?



Joe, its lots of trails plus patches of single track

there is a bit of open stuff like in clip, it links together a series of trail networks. 

Personally me and my mates have access to Rainforest single track up in the mountains on some 700 acres of private property, lots of fire break trails, and forestry rds. Some great riding, some of Australia's last free riding, no licensing and recreation regos required. But for how long who knows?

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I really should take more pics, but here is few I could scrape together of Taswegian riding:




Crew 2.JPG

cunt creek.JPG

cunt creek 2.JPG

Have some friends that are currently honeymooning in Tassie at the moment and loving it. 

Would like to see it someday, hear that it can be a bit of a plick to get a car and trailer across at times though.

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