99 se350 any good for a almost do anything bike

Well lets here the good and the bad on this model , for street and trail hook up, 80% trail 20% street use, what mods to do or not . Thanks Maybe a Hair scamble or two throne in the mix,  your thoughts and comments ???

I have one and yes it is a great all around bike, I’ve never had any issues with it. They can be hard to start when they get hot and it’s in the middle of summer.

Only thing I can say is that it might not be great for hare scrambler etc because it’s air cooled

I have one and it dose both on and off road but I dose off road alot better. 


My friend  raced  his street legal dr350    in hare scramble . He used to honk the horn and use the turn signals  when  passing . It had a pretty  good  engine  but soft suspension .. 

He sold it to a man that rode  it through  Central  America . The bike  has never  failed . I think  that  it is an excellent  do everything  bike . Is there  a  modern  bike that  is that  versatile ? 

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