Yz426 stops when i shake it....!!

When riding last day my bike suddently stopped.

I can easily start it home at the workshop but as soon as i move it or shake it it stops dead. I have unplugged the stop device and the gear censor but still it stops!

Any ideas?

Now i will try to take the radiators of and check every wire to see if it is getting ground anywhere, if not i will take of the oil and check the inside ignition system.

I have tried to start it and move around with all the cables to see if it stops then, but it doesn´t, only when i shake the bike or tilt it.. :)

wanna fix the problem...? Don't shake it.

but seriously...

could be a few things...bad stator coil(highly unlikely)a loose or damaged kill switch...a loose kill switch plug...or bad contact at the spark plug or the coil...

hard to say... :)

good luck.


I dont think it would be the kill switch b/c even if it was loose it try start back up if the clutch wasnt pulled in if that makes sense?

It also could be your float bolw level. Thats another thing to keep in mind.

You need to determine when it stops if it getting spark or not. This will determine if the problem is fuel or electrical in nature. Once you determine this, you will know which direction to proceed.

Check the decompression cable. My friend and I have both had a similar problem. The bike would start up without a problem, but when he would start to take off it would die. It turned out that the cable for the decompression lever was caught on something and the slightest move of the bars would pull the decompression, and the bike would stall. I had the same problem on mine, lucky for me, I was there when he had his problem, or I would probably still be trying to fix it!

Let us know what it turns out to be.



I reread the post, you have already looked at cables! OOPS



If i fill the carb, take the tank of, start it and shake it, it stops.. After some time running in idle slowly using the gas left in the carb it gets harder to make it stop when shaking it. Could this be because it cannot fill the carb from the tank and flood it due to wrong adjusted float bowl as when the tank is on??

There is nothing wrong with the wires anywhere as far as i can see. When it is running i can do anything with all the wires and it wont stop. But as soon as i start to shake it, jump on it and some times even put it in gear and it stops.. Not if i tilt it.. :)

I now what is wrong!

One of the bolts that holds the ignition thing close to the rotating magnet has came loose, that is no problem! BUT the other one is all out and gone! And where do you guys think it is....? Not in the magnet unfortunally!! Is is in the F*****g case.. I´m so angry right now. I have had 1½ ride on it since i had the hole engine splitted to pices to change bearings and clutch basket and now i can take it all apart again...

I have tried to shake it out, filled it with oil again and again hoping it would come out with the oil but NO...

Any last advice or trick i should do before i start all over on this #@X¤$*§ bike again???

I will buy you a hole bottle of whatever if i can get that thing out in one piece without taking the hole thing apart again! :)

I have seen this before. Go to your local tool store and purchase a flexable shaft with a magnet on the end. (smaller diameter the better. Remove the clutch basket and slide the magnet between the cases through the opening at the rear of the case. If you can find a small enough magnet tool you just might be able to retrieve through the oil filler plug hole. Going through the clutch basket area will give you a much better chance of success though.

Bonzai :)

loctite my friend!

Remove the clutch basket and start fishing.

Did the loctite thing but they came loose anyway.

I have the basket of and have tried to flush diesel trough while having the bike on the side but no luck so far!

Now i know for sure that i need a magnetic drain bolt.

Tomorrow i will take out the engine and shake the [@#$%&*!] out of it,, i sure hope that it´s my day tomorrow otherwise... :)

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