WR426 not reving clean

My WR426 is not running clean when I have the throttle wide open. It kind of blurbs.

It also has a spot a little higher than idle when it does the same thing.

Has anyone else had these problems and if so, what did you do to fix it?

I only just bought the bike and as far as I know, the only mod is a Staintune exhaust.

Also, am I supposed to check the oil when the bike is hot?

Thanks in advance.

AxelV, all things being ok mechanically and a good plug and clean air filter any acceleration sputters or "blurbs" would indicate jetting or needle tuning also possible fine tuning of the accelerator pump by doing the BK Mod. Lots of folks are raving about the James Dean Jetting Kit sold here and do a search on the BK Mod.

Oil should be checked after about 10 minutes of running. Allows oil from the crank sump to be pumped back to the frame. Checking before then will indicate low. Lots of good info here. The Search feature will be your friend some free HP mods. You didn't mention knowing your throttle stop being shortened. It really cripples the WR.


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