First gen Dr650s...

Hey all, new here.

I’m going to look at what I believe is a 95 dr650s. The owner said it’s a 96 but it’s a kickstart bike. I thought 96 started the e-start generation. 

The bike has 12k on the clock and has a fer aftermarket goodies. He’s the second owner and the first was his buddy. All the maintenance was done at a local Moto shop. 

I’ll be getting as a trade and Im just wondering what I should be on the lookout for when I go check out the bike, common issues that should be addressed, etc...









electric start 94-up

5 minutes ago, plugeye said:

electric start 94-up

Did they still have kickstarters on some from 94-96? 

96+ had the oil radiator on the right side (throttle side).

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