04 wr 450 - lightest exhaust system

want to shave weight on my wr. can you save a lot of weight with the exhaust, silencer, or silencer and header.

you can save 3 to 4 pounds with a differant can. that's weight up top also. i don't remember anyone posting current numbers for each brand. FMF Q, P.C. 496, WB E2. anybody have current weights? those are 96db cans, the louder race cans are probably a bit lighter yet.

I don't think you'll shave any weight replacing the header but the difference between the stock slipon and the procircuit slipon was alittle over 4 1/2lbs. I will weigh the e2 and post the weight tomorrow. :)

I have some weights on a couple pipes, for what it's worth. I bought Bill's old PC496 pipe and currently have it on my WR. I also have a Muzzy Full Ti system, but haven't yet mounted it. Here's some data:

7lb 15oz - Stock WR Pipe (no insert, rear half)

6lb 4oz - Pro Circuit PC496 Slipon

4lb 3oz - Muzzy Ti (can + Ti midpipe, 5lb 1oz for the full system!)

The Dirt Rider 4-Stroke Pipe Shootout article (click here) also lists mass numbers for all of the exhausts they tested. It included the FMF Q at 5lb 14oz, FYI.

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