Quick speedo verification please!

Hi, can anyone quickly verify this speedometer is the correct style and is unmodified for a 1995 XR600R? TIA!


The XR600R did not come with a speedometer from at least 1989 and up from the factory. It came with a resettable trip odometer only. That appears to have been added by someone who wanted a speedometer.

That is what I thought, wanted to verify some weasel was really trying to sell one with incorrect mileage! Sneaky... Thanks.

Well, first of all, a) XR600 of that year did NOT come with a speedo, :) back when they did come with speedos (1984-85?), they did NOT look anything like that thing in the pic.

And Most importantly, the speedo's with a circled "55" were LONG gone by 1995!

So what you have there is something that was not included on any XR600R's of any year.

HEY!! I just remembered where I have seen a speedo like that! That looks like it's from a 1980-1981 Suzuki TS100, TS125, TS185, or TS250. Yep, I'm pretty sure thats what that speedo came off of.

Oh yeah, and to answer your other question, yes, it IS modified, as there should be a re-settable tripmeter in the blank area near the top there.

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