yz250f needle

anybody runs the 250f needle in their yz426f?

whats the difference between them? and what is the serial number?

the bike runs great now but jamracing told me it will run even better with the 250f needle....

Hey Gal,

These are the jetting specs I'm running, with the Yamaha part numbers. Of course, I wouldn't recommend paying for jets from Yamaha:

Main Jet #168- 4MX-14943-91-00

Pilot Jet #48- 4MX-14948-06-00

Pilot Air Jet #100- 7A9-14943-27-00

EBLN Needle- 5NL-14916-EN-00

Re-send me the list of things you want, or just have them ship them to me. I'll see that you get them.

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