2001 yz 125 motor swap

Hey guys I could use some help here. Long story short I have a bad motor, breaks in the case by the water pump (looks like the last owner jb welded a a piece back together and it failed) anyway, the year is a 2001 yz 125. I’ve had the bike a year and a half and never got to it. The crank bearing spun and the crank is stuck. I’m sure I could split it with enough effort but for now I want to just buy a new bottom end with a good crank and bolt my 2001 head on. 


Im aware of different shaft lengths and pistons on closer years but I can’t come to a conclusion on which years would be good to match up. If I could just find a 2001 bottom end I’d go for it no questions asked, but of course it’s hard to find an exact year. I see a couple 98s and 2002 bottom ends for sale. The real question is what years are compatible where I could just bolt my top end to another year with little to no modifications? At this point I want this bike gone for the space. I have 4 other bikes so some shelf space would be nice! I would really appreciate some feedback. Thanks 

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    • By fiat2nv
      Hi all, First post here. I need some help.
      Ive just bought an 05 yz 125 for a good price but it needs some work. One of the forks has some pretty severe pitting of the chrome on the stanchion towards the bottom near the brake caliper mount.
      Ive found a pair of good condition forks from an 04 yz250 for a very good price, from the research ive done its seems that both the 04 & 05 forks are 48mm but are different, with the 05 fork regarded as being better than the 04, but not as good as the 06 + sss forks.
      Im looking for the cheapest way to get me riding, Will I be able to make the 04 forks work with my 05 triple clamps, brakes, wheel, axle, spacers etc? If not does anyone know what hardware id need to make it work?
      Finally, as a last resort, does anyone know if i could swap the stanchion from the 04 fork into my 05 forks?
      Thanks, Andrew
    • By Randomneewb
      Hey guys, I have a 2003 cr125 I bought a couple weeks ago and I'm having a problem with it. The spark plugs die every about 15 minutes, with hotter plugs it will last about 45 minutes. I herd that if the timing is off it can over heat the plugs and burn out the the resistor. Is there any truth to that? The reason I thinks it's not fouling is because when the plug dies it gives no spark no matter how much you clean it, And it shorts out. 
    • By mbennett95
      My 01' yz125 seems to be requiring a large amount of throttle to get off the line. I've ridden plenty of properly jetted 125's and none required quite so much throttle work from a dead stop. Even slipping the clutch it wont get going without a pretty healthy amount of throttle. Thinking it just needs a clutch rebuild kit and maybe a basket. Any info appreciated!
      If it helps any here is what it has done.
      FMF Fatty, VForce 3 reeds, and an iridium plug.
    • By Zach121
      Alright, found three bikes all located where i live in Texas. I know they're all very different, but if you could tell me what you think each bike is worth, and which one would be the best deal. Thanks.
      Notes: Both 2 strokes have new top ends. I think the front brake lever is broken on the kawasaki.
      KX250 2002 $800-$1000?

      YZ125 2000 $1250

      KTM 400SX 2002 $1200

    • By Zach121
      I found a yz125 for $1600 in great condition. I thought the price seemed a little high, what do you think the value is? Has a new top end and graphics. $1200?