02 YZ125 bottom end sound/clutch not working

Just changed my crank seals on my 2002 YZ125 put it all back together started up fairly easy sounds great at idle issue is i hear a bottom end sound the gears clanging together not insanely loud only when i really rev it high when it starts to wind down you can hear it. Coming from right side also my clutch isn’t working properly if it’s in neautral the tire will slowly spin if i rev it. If i put it in heat with the clutch lever pulled in tire spins like the lever is out.


any help will be great

I'm assuming you put oil back in. Did anything else change in this project?


Check out your idler gear see if its sloppy that will do exactly what you're saying 👍

Bad crank bearings will make a lot of noise and ruin crank seals.

Did you inspect the play on the crank to insure bearings are still tight?

Did you measure the amount of oil you put in it or use the dribble hole?

Did you adjust the clutch lever/cable/actuator arm correct? 


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