Battery took a crap today, need advice

My 03 DRZ400E finally had the ORIGINAL battery go bad seven months ago, went to my local Honday/Yahama/KTM dealer and bought a Bike Master battery from them. It was fine the first few months now winter set just n and even though my bikes are in a heated building (set at 50* Fahrenheit) it lost charge. I used my battery tender Jr and it was fine again...Just forward one month till today, it was a nice 58* day so me and the kids went riding. At 8am I checked my bike and no light battery DEAD, so I used my battery charger and let it charge till 11am when I disconnect the charger hooked the battery back and loaded the bikes up. So we drive to the pit and I get the kids up and running go to fire up the DRZ and NOTHING no head light or anything!! I didn't have my multi meter so I was screwed....tried bumping the motor by pushing the bike and dumping the clutch but that was a no go. A younger guy stopped with a 400ex and said he would pull me so I said ok, first attempt bike back fired, second attempt it started but was running like shit then quit. Third attempt nothing, fourth attempt nothing.... so i started to investigate and the 10amp fuse had blow, i installed the backup (good thinking suzuki) and tried attempt number five. Bike started and was running like DOG tried to drive around I smelled burnt rubber smell! Luckily I had the battery panel off and I seen the battery was smoking!!! Hit the kill button and QUICKLY removed the battery wires and threw the battery on the ground. Checked over the bike and no burnt wires or damage BUT the 10amp backup fuse had blown again, the kid said let's see if it will start, so we bumped it again and she fired right up and ran BEAUTIFUL like she always does. So from 11:45 to 6pm I ran her all day, never shut her off, she was running like a bear all day. 



I'm assuming the battery shorted out internally I'm hoping?


Second what's a great battery that will last like the original did from 2003?

Yea but for $150 I should just go to lithium battery that's smaller and has MORE power right?

1 minute ago, superdutyscaler said:

Yea but for $150 I should just go to lithium battery that's smaller and has MORE power right?

Maybe - but will it last 15 years   :excuseme:

And I'm assuming I'll need to buy the charger from battery tender to charge and upkeep the lithium battery ?

It came already charged to 13.1 volts , go to battery tender technical question and faq , there is some answers to your question , I have there regular .7 amp charger and was told it’s ok to charge with it  but they also have a 4 amp  2 mode ( lead acid / lithium ) charger for around 80 $

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I'll call customer service tomorrow, wonder how the battery will be with the motor charging it when your running it all the time?

thats the way i see it with a lithium .. im sure theyre 'ok' but for long term i doubt it theyre just not designed to be charged all the time .. the original yuasas are what i trust, you just have to make sure you dont let them ever get low sitting ignored, that hurts them .. but the cheapo batteries yeah, theyre good for about a year, may last longer but the output is shot in a year in my experience ..

Might just bite the bullet and buy the factory one, original did last since 2003...

While I have a pile of Lithium and LiFe PO4's batteries now,, for a bike that's going to sit a lot the good 'ol lead acid are still worth it . I now have several Ballistics , 1 Shorai , and 1 Battery Tender , the 240CCA model . For the bikes that are sitting more than riding I keep them on a tender and the lead acid battery . I just killed on Ballistic by letting it go dead , once ! Done ! Thus far the new charger and it's save mode isn't working either .  Lead acid batteries will also go bad if left dead for roughly 1 week or a little more , but if not completely dead or recharged within a short time of going dead they'll at least be usable . But I like the extra cranking juice on some of the motors for better/quicker starting , just can't leave them outside under 35-40F .




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Went with the yuasa from amazon, never had an issue with the factory one after all these years so why not try it again. And i might do the power mod too, but im not sure yet. Again i never had a problem all these years with the bike so why mess with it if it's working correctly

Ok just got my battery, I'm gonna pour the acid in it and then charge. What should I charge it at the slow rating or quick charge from what's on the battery sticker? Just want to have it done properly so I get another 13 years out of this one 

what does the sticker say ? i think you can not  use a charger more than .7 amp  , battery tender junior .

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It’s up to you , I would go with .7 A charge 

I'll have to check my battery tender and see what it puts out. Assuming as soon as it gets around 14 - 14.2 volts to unplug it like you would an automative battery?

My battery tender turn off when battery is full , i don’t have to unplug . A new full battery you should get 13.1 v , have no idea when you should unplug . 

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