2010 YZ450f help

Hey guys so I bought a 2010 yz450f for a fairly low price. Being aware there may be issues. I’m not experienced when it comes to dirt bikes so was looking for a solid bike to learn so things with. That being said, the guy I bought it from said there was a high compression piston installed and no pressure release. Also he said it has to be kicked once to “charge” it then pull up until there’s compression and kick. I’m having difficulty getting the bike to turn over at all. However if I bump start it it will turn over almost instantly and run smooth. I watched him kick it over but having troubles myself. I don’t know why or what causes it. I thought about changing the spark plug, the air filter which is really bad, and also needed a new kick starter because the one on it is beat to hell. But I am not experienced and don’t know what to look for and was hoping you guys could help. Please and thank you.

Is the auto decompression working on the cam ?

Is the auto decompression working on the cam ?

I honestly wish I could answer that but don’t know. I’m very new to dirtbikes. How can you tell? When it comes to these bikes I’m very dumb lol. Just trying to learn

Obviously it isnt otherwise it would be easier to start

Google it - heaps of youtube vids on it


Is that what it is? Or could be? I feel like it should not be even close to this difficult to start? I had an 06 crf450r for a short period and started damn near first kick every time. This 10 is having troubles? Also is it true to kick it to charge it then rekick?

Probably needs to be kicked once or twice then should start. 

Yours likely needs a valve adjustment or fuel pump problems or injector nozzle is partially plugged. 

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