how many clicks out from full rich are you guys running?

my bike has opened airbox and uni with no backfire screen - sea level

i started with 18 then 16 and it still has a flat spot off idle and

tons of popping on deceleration - my gas is a month old so iam going

to drain it out and start fresh and put a new plug in - then i will

keep making it richer till it stops popping

just curious whats working for you guys?

thanks jeff

The card should be pretty close to it's best from the factory. I have been told to turn down the pumper and work on getting the jetting correct in the mid- to top-end right using the metering adjustment on top. Then start adding more pump until you no longer have a hiccup or hesitation off idle.

Im still experimenting with mine. My fuel mileage dropped from 32 miles a gallon to 29. My carb came set at 1.5 turns out on the squirt pump so I changed it to 2.5 turns out. The bike seems to run just as good although occasionaly it does not start first kick. The needle came set at 22 clicks out from full rich. I changed it to 18 clicks out so its a little richer but it did not worsen my fuel mileage. Last check was 30 miles per gallon. I am running a stage one hot cam. I don't know how much effect that will have on the carb settings. I too would like any advice possible on the perfect settings for this carb.

I am running mine at 10 clicks out from full rich. Standard cam but have exhaust and air box done. Remember full rich is scewed all the way to the right. The best way to set them up is by trial and error, keep richening it up untill you start going backwards and then go back to last best setting. The clickers will take you to just over half throttle after that you need to change the needle to the next size if you are running lean up top. When adjusting cliker I use a screwdriver not the supplied tool. Then put the plug back in and go for a ride. My adjusting tool leaks air and should not be run in place. I found this out the hard way. Once your clikers are right then start again with the acelerator pump adjustment. Increase the shot size untill your going backwards and then back off to last best setting. You will need to spend a day playing around in the dirt but the rewards are worth it. When you get the carb right you will most likely find that your milage has increased which makes sense because you are at the most efficient setting which in turn requires less throttle for the desired result.

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