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Te 300 led light

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Just wanted to post what I did for other people to reference if they want a cheaper option for lights. I bought a pair of led lights and made my own bracket. The pair cost $60 and I wired it straight from the battery so I didn’t have to get a rectifier. Checked voltage at battery during idle with light on and it was 13v.



That’s a comparison vs stock light.

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I'm converting my TX to street legal so looking at options for headlight etc.  Nice thinking on that unit.  I can't bear to throw over $100 at the stock unit when it sucks.

As long as your light doesn't pull more than 25W, you should be ok as the DC side only throws out 30W total.


BTW, could you be bothered, or anyone else with a TE for that matter, to take some pictures and post how the tail light wiring is routed around the rear subframe to get under the ignition module?   

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