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I did it. Finally quit beating around the bush and decided to go for it. Now the proud owner of a bran-USED 2014 KTM 350 XC-F. 

Bought it today, only had the chance to ride it down the road and back and I think I’m in for a treat. Previously had a 250 XC that I bought used November of 2016. Kept buying parts and constantly working on it to get it where I want it, but with out any luck so I decided to go back on the four stroke route. 

Anyone have any recommendations for aftermarket on it? It already has a lot including a skid plate, boyesen super cooler water pump, hand guards, rear brake rotor guard, radiator braces, mouse bibs in the tires, brand new Dunlop MX 3 S tires, radiator fan, shorai lithium battery, side grab bar, and ktm silicone hoses. 







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Nice ride! I would recommend some shock sox for the front suspension; saves a lot of headache cleaning the seals and down the road. #2 would be an automatic cam chain tensioner. The OEM runs off of oil pressure which can back out and cause problems with timing and valves (speaking from experience). Dirt Tricks makes a solid automatic tensioner and it quiets the engine noise quite a bit. Other than that the 350 is my favorite bike so far. Plenty of power and nimble like a 250, enjoy!

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Bike looks clean and is in great shape!

On my past XC4 motor I moved to the Dirt Tricks CCT once the top end got loud during cold start.  My 350 is still super quiet so far so I will also add the dirt tricks when the time comes. From my analysis the OEM tensioner appears to wear out over time and the teeth wear down, so it is slowly able to retract a little more.  Which makes it louder at startup until oil pressure forces proper chain tension.

Check the small mesh in-line fuel filter in the quick disconnect.  Mine stays clean but just make sure.  Make sure the o-ring in the fuel line quick disconnect is properly lubed with silicone or krytox grease.  I can send you some replacements if you want spares, so you don't have to pay $5/ea from KTM.

I don't think you need to replace or add any more parts, it appears well set up.

Ride it.

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