2009 Kx250f still won’t run

Me and a buddy have done everything to get this bike to go and we’ve just about had it with the thing. Ran fine for about two months slowly got harder and harder to start. Did a shim job, changed piston and rings. Got it together still had problems with it bogging down on acceleration. Changed out seals in carburetor mid body cleaned the whole carb out and changed the accelerator pump diaphragm. Bike still bogs down really bad rarely runs fine. Anybody have any ideas? Maybe not getting enough air??

1) Possible bad batch of gas or/and dirty lines. Drain the tank. Rinse it. Replace the fuel line. Refill with fresh 91 from the pump. Replace the spark plug too. See what happens. You may have to clean the carb again as a fouled fuel supply will replug jets soon after a cleaning.

 2) look for air leaks in the carb to head boot or hot start cable boss.

3) check jet needle clip is at 2nd notch from top of the needle

 4) a valve or seat shot

 5) cam timing off by one tooth

6) rings on piston not proper









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