Can I get a black headlight shroud?

I got my wife some new plastics for Christmas to put on her 09 250x. Her's was the one with the white rear fender and she never really liked that. So I got her a black rear fender and some black number plates, also replaced the fork guards with some black ones. The bike looks really sweet, except the white headlight shroud now looks out of place. She really want's a black one but I can't seam to find one anywhere. I pretty sure I've seen them on craigslist bikes before though. Anyone got an idea where to get one?

You probably have to settle for an aftermarket shroud

Aftermarket will be the only choice, Polisport MMX is a good choice, easy to mount with no clearance issues and looks similar to OEM. 

i have yet to see a black headlight shroud for the 250x. most are a number plate like the 250r. one option is an aftermarket light and the light might actually be useful.

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