2015 or 2017 YZ250FX

I have 2 used ones for sale near me. No hour meter on the 2015 but was only trail ridden and appears low hours. The 2017 has 41 hours and was raced a few times. Owner also has a YZ250X that gets most of his race time. Both bikes stock. There is only $500 difference so I am leaning toward the 17. I like the idea of kick start for backup though.  Not sure what the kit start kit for 17 would cost. Other than that it appears the 17 to be the better choice. Larger front disc, engine diagnostic light, factory skidplate, and whatever aledged motor upgrades. I rode the 17 and instantly wanted it. they are both priced high for the market but both are at a dealer. I may trade in a WR250R to save some hassle. Both bikes looked maintained well. So my question is regarding the 41 hours on the 17. Is that a lot of hours for piston and rings? Or better question, with proper maintenance what is the average top end repairs needed on these bikes?  The test ride sold me on the bike. 

If you can get hold of the programmer tool you can check the hours in the ECU.  With proper maintenance the bikes are known to easily go 100 hours on a top end.  Some people have taken it a lot further, but the weakest point is the small-end and wrist pin.  Not a problem area, just the known weakest point in the motor.  The engine upgrades on the 17 address that shortcoming a bit (oil squirter, coated wrist pin, stronger rod) so it would likely go even further without issue.

If both bikes are at a dealer, get the dealers to let you use their power tuner and it takes 1 minute to check the hours.  If you want to buy a FX, you will want to buy a tuner anyway so seeing how it works is a great idea, then you will know the exact hours (unless someone has reset the hours on the ECU).  These are outstanding bikes believe me, but unfortunately Yamaha's don't sell for the high dollars like KTM's.  The kickstart kit for the 17 is around $220 or so.  I had a 2015 FX for 2 years and liked it so much I bought a 2017.   It was hard to sell the 2015 for reasonable dollars, unfortunately.  Drive them down in price.  How much are they asking for these bikes?

They are asking $5500 on the 15 and $6000 on the 17.  If I sell mine outright I am pretty sure I can get a price drop. Trade ins are rarely the best deal.

1 hour ago, Rethy525 said:

They are asking $5500 on the 15 and $6000 on the 17.  If I sell mine outright I am pretty sure I can get a price drop. Trade ins are rarely the best deal.

I wouldn't even mention a trade to the dealer, it only complicates negotiations. Sell it pp and haggle with cash.

Yes I agree I just listed my bike on Craigslist. Plus the  private party bikes I find will be cheaper as well. I have seen what appear to be better deals on Craigslist for FX's. I was very impressed with the 17 I rode....

Thanks for the replies gents. I am glad to hear the motors are so robust. I decided to pass on the dealer bikes and sell mine outright. I have time and should be able to do better than what they are offering. I do see an FX in my future. 

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