06 the 125 torque spec

How's it going new to website, changing the clutch on an 06 ttr125 wondering if anybody has clutch spring torque rating? I heard 6nm but just want to confirm 

6nm on my 2005 ttr125l is the correct torque

this is the ultimate source if you like working on your own stuff. You can download the PDF, I saved it to my phone/tablet and now I have a digital FSM without having to have an internet connection. So, if you're in the field and have an issue, it can be quite handy.


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    • By Awheeler25u
      My 04 YZ450f clutch works fine when bike is running in all gears, but when bike is off when I pull the clutch In while bike is in gear nothing happens, I’m new to T4s but I don’t think this is normal
    • By ThatE30GUY
      Hey guys, I bought this YZ85 and came to realise the clutch wasnt working, so I drained the oil (Jet black) and pulled the plates out and cleaned them. I assumed finding a torque wrench would be easier than it has been. Does anyone know how to torque the clutch springs to spec without a wrench? Any insight helps.
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      My 01' yz125 seems to be requiring a large amount of throttle to get off the line. I've ridden plenty of properly jetted 125's and none required quite so much throttle work from a dead stop. Even slipping the clutch it wont get going without a pretty healthy amount of throttle. Thinking it just needs a clutch rebuild kit and maybe a basket. Any info appreciated!
      If it helps any here is what it has done.
      FMF Fatty, VForce 3 reeds, and an iridium plug.
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      I have a brand new Barnett Extra plate setup still in the box. It replaces the judder spring with a regular fiber. My old clutch had a judder spring break which wiped out the stock clutch. I was in a bind ordered this kit but it ended up coming 2 days later then it was suppose too. So now I don’t need it asking $180 SHIPPED 
      —“Complete Extra Plate Kit- consists of 8 Kevlar friction plates, 7 tempered steel plates and a set of springs. Provides maximum clutch capacity.”—