Trouble taking motor out of bike

Planning on rebuilding my 150r as it does not run, and i want to take the motor out of it so i can work on it on a bench. Problem is I got everything disconnected and all the engine mounts off but I can't get it out. What am I missing?

Its hung up in the back near the swingarm but I can't figure how to get it out

Did you pull the swingarm? It has to come out, the swingarm bolt goes through the back of the engine casings.

Its thw swingarm pivot bolt thats stuck, i figured that out

Ive been soaking it in pb blast all day hitting it with wood, nothing

Ive been soaking it in pb blast all day hitting it with wood on the treads and a mini sledge to hit the wood witg but still nothing

It is not sealed where it goes through the engine so water/rust can get in there.  Just have to drive it out, and clean and grease it before putting it back in.  You may need to use a brass or steel driver.

It needs a good shock to break it free and the wood is just absorbing that, so as the above post suggested you should get a good heavy piece of brass (which would be your safest choice) or even aluminum and give it a good smack.  If you cant get a hold of brass then be very careful with a steel drift so you don't mushroom the end of the threads and cause yourself more of a headache.

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