88 CR500 kickstand

So iv recently purchased an 88cr500 and as you all know there's no kickstand. I came across a company making kickstands but there for 89-01..... go figure. My question is, how different is the 88 frame from the 89? I'll post a pic of the kickstand on an 89 and let me know if you think it would be possible to put it on the 88.


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      Anyone rember the Suzuki cyclone? How about the 1985 cr-500? Chime in if you can rember your first power band screamer! You know the one that pulled your arms out of your sockets!
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      Does any one have any suggestions on an aftermarket kickstand thats about 2 inches shorter than stock? im on 17's and i always have to find a slight angle to position my bike so it doesn't fall over.
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      I have a chance to pickup a cr500 for 1900 I was wondering if they make decent trail bikes and if they are an OK street conversion bike. The price seems a little high for a 20 year old bike, should I try to get it for less?
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      Hey guys I finally got my 86 Honda CR80R put back together and I'm just waiting on parts to arrive to get her running. I have one question though. I was given a sort of kickstand when I bought it, and I have no clue on where it goes or if my bike even came with one from the factory. If you need pictures just let me know. Thanks for your help!