Pro Circuit silencer mated to FMF head pipe

I've tried searching and didn't seem to come up with any answers.

I'm wondering if a Pro Circuit silencer will mate to a FMF Fatty head pipe?  I'm considering the Pro Circuit Nature Friendly silencer.

Like everyone I'm on  a budget. Problem is I have a 93 Rm250 and I need a spark arrestor. I have a Gold series head pipe and Power Core silencer and they don't seem to make spark arrestor kit for this.

I didnt come up with any results when I searched for an FMF silencer that would work on their website. 

What are others doing for Spark Arrestors?  I had a KX 250 in the past with the opposite setup where I ran a Pro Circuit head pipe and a FMF silencer.

Thanks in advance

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Wrong info

I had a 2003 rm250 and it had a PC pipe with a fmf silencer . It should work I would think. 

Any combination of FMF, PC and OEM will bolt up to one another as long as you have the correct year.

FYI:  A couple years ago I rebuilt a '94 RMX250, FMF no longer makes spark arrestor silencers for the newer generation RMX and PC didn't offer one either.  Oddly enough they still offered one for a '90 RMX (strange).  So, my solution was to get one for a '90 RMX and then modify it to fit the '94 RMX.  The difference is that the pipe that connects to the stinger on the '90 RMX's silencer is shorter than the one's on the later RMX's.  Don't remember how much I used but I cut "about" 6" off another FMF silencer and added that to the brand new '90 RMX silencer which then bolted up to the '94 RMX, just like FMF would have designed originally.

Thanks for the info. I thought it would work but wanted some verification before pulling the trigger on a silencer.  PC has the nature friendly silencer I need but I was also considering the FMF universal one. 

I have a 92 RMX250 with an FMF Fatty and the PC nature friendly bolted up. No cutting was required but it sits about 1/3 inch wide at the last mounting bolt. I fabricated a little spacer and used a longer bolt to avoid any strain on the other mounting hardware further up the pipe. I’ve run it for 2 years and have been very happy with the setup and performance. 

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