Going from 11 yz450f to 16 yz250f...anything to look out for and how is the bike?

So I got back into riding 2 years ago by buying a blown up 11 yz450f.  For the rebuild I went all in, and in the end the bike turned out great. I ride almost strictly track and I was finding myself really struggling with the power and weight of the 450, and also it' known "front end pushing into turns" syndrome.

I have someone willing to trade me an all stock 2016 yz250f for my bike. I'e read the shootouts and I like what I saw....but I wanted some first hand input.  Has anyone else here switched back to a 250 from a yz450.  

Also since this is a trade is there anything specific I should look for besides the geneal stuff....sprocket, chain, tire wear, etc.  The bike looks pretty good in pictures....but you never know until you see it in person.  I' hoping it' all good and this bike will suit my riding style much better.

16 250f is a awesome bike. I went from a 08 crf450r to the 250 and my riding and confidence took a big lead forward to wear I’m looking at getting another 450.
Just a tip, if you get the bike go over the wiring harnesses and retape any exposed wires by the air box and frame. I just went through a issues where the wires got rubbed down and was grounding it’s self out to the frame and killing the motor and inspect bearings and Regreased them
I have 113hrs on mine no real failures.

Post up a pic of the bike. 

You wont look back going to the 16 YZ250F

Well, I won' see the bike until Wednesday,  but I've got a set of fresh tires ready.  Here is a pic of the bike I'm trading my built 450 and I'm pumped to get back out on the track ....excited doesn' even describe my feelings......


Looks very low hours if that is a current picture. 

He would have to be mad to swap that for an 11 YZ450F 

1 hour ago, Vintage Not Pimpage said:

Looks very low hours if that is a current picture. 

He would have to be mad to swap that for an 11 YZ450F 

Hey, i thought the same but I had listed for trading my 450 for a newer 250f or 250 2 stroke.  My 450 is no stocker, basically built besides factory suspension.....has all the goodies, GYTR head, weighted flywheel,  xtrig sag adjustment, hydraulic clutch, HC piston, engine relocation kit, power flow filter kit, etc.....the list goes on.  I just found myself tiring out way to quick on the track with it, my bike has 12.3 hours on the top and bottom end while his has 40.33 hrs.  He also owns another 11 450f so he knows what he's getting into and I'm happy I can trade for a bike that will help keep me in the sport because time are tough and I was worried If I sold my bike I might not get another for a while. Not a fan of the 60th anniversary plastics but that can easily be swapped. I also know my bike was rebuilt from top to bottom, engine, bearings all around, suspension, head, etc, and comes with all stock parts. The bike looks good in pics and has a clean title so I'm hoping in person everything appears as good in person. I know on my end my bike is mint besides age, and I'm willing to accept general maintenance as a cost of the trade , I know the fork seals on the 250 is shot, I'm ready to do valve clearances as soon as we swap, and might just do a piston and rings for the comfort of everything. 

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Just my opinion but i would never touch a second hand bike with all the work you have done to it. Either way the 16 YZ250F is the better bike  

12 hours ago, Vintage Not Pimpage said:

Just my opinion but i would never touch a second hand bike with all the work you have done to it. Either way the 16 YZ250F is the better bike  

No doubt, I would completely agree with you if I didn' know the condition or abuse my bike has been through.  That' why I'm very happy to trade for an all stock bike that looks to be very lightly abused . I agree most people that have a modified bike to that degree either ride the shit out of it, race it, or it' just had a hard life.  I myself compared to 7 years ago am a complete goon on the track compared to when I was a kid, and the way I built the bike is not for someone with my skill or ability level. Sometimes mechanics get carried away with the thought of the project more than if it' actually suitable for them. 


Regardless, from all the reviews I've read I'm pumped to step down to a bike more on my level, I hope I can hold a rut with this beast a whole lot better and I'm hoping it' in as good of condition as it looks....ive been ok geaing on the forums for a long time and I hope after tommarow I can finally find my way over here to the 250f forum for awhile.  Anyways I'll keep you guys posted and tommarow evening I should be able to show you guys some pics of the new bike....hopefully.  I can' wait to tear down into something and start regreasing/rebuilding a new bike. Sometimes the project/build is just as much fun as the actually riding (or maybe I'm sick.....eggghhh, f\/ck it)

Good luck. Theres nothing better than prepping a fresh stocker. 

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