No free play

Hi, I have a 200 EXC year 2002 with a Domino throttle and Keihin PWK38. I’ve screwed the throttle tube adjuster fully clockwise, screwed the carb adjuster fully clockwise (to create as much slack as possible, but I’m getting zero free play. I even took the carb top off and reseated a plastic piece which I believe may have added some. I had max 1mm with the stock throttle tube, but now I’ve added a throttle tamer and am back to zero. Why is the free play so low? I should have a bunch with both adjusters maxed out right?




You have to shave he top of the carb flush or take that nut off , assuming it will go deeper into the carb and not hit anything

Looks like the cable is pulled out of the crimp on the carb.  A new cable is the fix. 

5 hours ago, mog said:

take that nut off

this - dab of loctite so it doesnt decide to wind out

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On 1/28/2018 at 5:15 PM, seer said:

Looks like the cable is pulled out of the crimp on the carb.  A new cable is the fix. 

Winner winner chicken dinner! The old cable was damaged and simply switching to the new, undamaged, motion pro cable fixed the problem beautifully. So glad I didn’t grind down the carb or remove a locknut. 

Sorry I didn't have my glasses on , using the phone I didn't see the damaged cable

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